Friday, January 12, 2007

What The Darkness Brought

Sometimes there is so little light. Sometimes there is darkness in your life. You can't even see right in front of you and you can't even envision when there was light. You go into a dark world where black is the basic and and you can almost sleep with your eyes open there is so much darkness. Now, this is not bad; this is darkness and because we're sort of programmed as mammals with eyes that use light in one part of our sightedness, we may be fearful of the dark.

But in the darkness there are wonderful gifts. This drawing indicates that there are certain miracles, aspects of the self, talents, and hidden knowledge that only come in the dark. In the light we are too busy seeing and running around to receive. Many times the givers of the most miraculous only come in the dark. This portrays one of those dark, loving givers and the luminous woman who sat vulnerable and nude waiting in faith for what the darkness brought to her.