Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Purple Ninja

Purple Ninja

This is a very beautiful warrior who has studied the various arts of war and is enamored of the Asian ways of war, but is not a Ninja in the strictest sense of that title. This being is hyper-sensitive to pain and would never inflict pain anywhere, if possible. Color and respect for color are used in battle and most times this is enough to deflect energies, heal conflicts and nurture. This particular "warrior" has found that lack of nurturance is a primary reason for conflict. In this pose, the purple Ninja is celebrating a day of battle in which soft silk cerise slippers were offered by the adversary and the acceptance of them was all that was necessary.

Just One Look

There is a wonderful song by Doris Troy called "Just One Look". It's a song from the Rhythm and Blues tradition of the 1960's, during the days of 45RPM records and it was full of plush, full vocals and harmony. The lyrics were something like this:

Just One Look
And I fell so hard hard hard
In love
With You.

I found out
How good it feels
To have your love
Wo-o Wo-o

Here is the golden look of love and Miss Green Dreads is basking in that look. You can't really tell whether the love light is coming from him or her and that's because it's mutual. They will both enjoy this relationship. He almost walked by and then it caught him and his whole being said, "Wow!!" And she is very grounded through the whole encounter while her beauty is sweet as can be. She knew he would double take. And Doris Troy is humming in both of their heads the whole time.